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Solo Intensive

8-10 weekly meetings, 3 hours each

EMBRACE YOUR STRANGE. Solo Performance doesn’t just have to be first person narrative ala the moth, though that’s great too. Learn how to create a show thatʼs
UNIQUELY YOU, that no one else has done before, & that has a TRUE take home message, and avoids on-stage “storymasturbation”…

WHAT YOU GET: ONLY 4 people in the class. Everyoneʼs already a storyteller, already knows how to be supportive, get their egos out of the equation, etc. All four people will work A LOT each three-hour session, & receive feedback from Deana and the other artists. During the week, each person will email a piece which will be dramaturged, and rewrites made for the next class. The goal is a ½ hour piece to be performed. This piece will have a beginning, middle & end, a theme, & a take home message, & will be unique to your voice.

PRE-REQUISITE: You MUST have worked with Deana Barone before, either in a workshop or at the Trunk Show, OR you have done a solo show before.