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Grow Your Story: The Hero’s Journey

The Heroʼs Journey
Here’s the cool thing: At the end of the course, you will share a story on stage!
Weekend Intensive or Weekly PlayRompShop 6-10 weeks.

1. GENERATE NEW MATERIAL: Warm ups, Improvisation, writing prompts, discussion, group support, focused and meditation serve to open the writer’s conduit so that the “voice” can flow in a compelling, purposeful, and authentic way. Issues of memorization and stage fright will be addressed, with exercises to work through fears and “stuckness.”

2. STRUCTURE: learn to structure your tale using “The Hero’s Journey,” and do exercises to articulate your thru-line and take-home message. (you can use material generated in class or a story you’ve been working on).

3. PERFORMANCE: hone your ability to communicate to your audience.

WHO IS THIS FOR? If you have always wanted to tell your story, or already are telling your stories, this workshop is for you! You will be in a safe environment to harness your unique voice and transform your ideas for the page and the stage. This workshop is for beginning, intermediate, and experienced storytellers from all walks of life who want to discover their writer’s voice, who desire to expand the way they tell story, or who hope to connect to a new authenticity. People interested in solo performance, memoir, essay and self-discovery are all welcome. All styles of storytelling encouraged.