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Sell/Tell From Your Heart

meetingimgSell/Tell From Your Heart
a course for business professionals who pitch

Session I: FREE YOUR STORY: The fundamentals. Participate in group exercises, formulate your thruline, and craft/embellish simple stories based on the nine basic tenets of storytelling, including structure, empathy, communication, and technique. Discuss how these apply to pitches.

Session II: UNLEASH YOUR STORY: Volunteers will present pitches and receive feedback. This session is a collaborative effort. Is your pitch trackable? Are you communicating effectively? Learn what questions to ask yourself as you grow your storytelling (pitch) abilities.

Session III: GROW YOUR STORY: Work one on one with workshop leader to hone your pitch.

Session IV: TELL YOUR STORY: Present your pitch to your co-workers or classmates, with any multi-media presentation you might have. You’re now ready to take it to the bosses!


Sell/Tell From Your Heart
Find your mission

Session 1: Participate in writing and meditation exercises to find and explore your passion, your creativity, and the reason your business is important to you.

Session 2: Meet one on one with Workshop Leader to creatively explore and write your mission statement, your verbal “pitch” to clients, and possible web content.

Interim: send mission statement to leader and receive notes. Edit.

Session 3: Present your “pitch” to the class and receive feedback.

Extra private coaching sessions are available before, during or after this course.